1. Booking Inquires for Bands

  2. Booking Inquiries for Venues

  3. Contract Inquires for Labels

  4. Radio Stations

  5. If musician who is interested in joining my band

  6. If your a fan and you want to contact me

Booking Inquires for Bands

If you would like me to play a gig with you, The best place to contact me regarding shows is my email account on Myspace. 

Just send me a message and Ill usually get back to you within a couple days.  The link is on my main page.

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Booking Inquires for Venues?

If you would like me to fill an opening slot or headline a show contact me at here.

My usual set is about 35 minutes, and I draw an average of 50 people.

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So your an A & R rep From A Label?

Right on!  I am currently in negotiations with some other labels, but I AM NOT SIGNED.  My EP is self released.  Contact me if your interested in setting up a meeting or coming to see me play live.  Email me here

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Hello Mr/Mrs.  music director, do you want to play my song ?

I am extremely flattered as I only sent my EP to stations worthy of it... uh, Im not really that full of myself, there's just more crappy stations then there are good ones!  Can you contact me and tell me Which song you picked what play time I will have, and if your gonna spin it more then once.

Contact me at  here


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Musicians always wanted!!!

Here's the scoop, my bassist and guitarist had kids, so they have NO TIME to play live.

I am really looking for a good drummer for live shows. 

If you can play bass or lead guitar contact me as well.

Contact me at

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I love my Fans!

You have three different ways of contacting me.

You can Email me at

You can message me at MySpace

You can IM me on AIM under the screen name of Musicofcourse

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Nick Zepp
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