Nick Zepp has been involved in music his entire life.  He has been compared to many different artist due to his unique sound. These artists include include Frank Black, Ben Lee, Jane's Addiction, and Paul Simon to name a few.

   His musical career started out with playing the sax in his grammar school band. He quit the band because he was sick of playing other peoples songs.  By his High School years he had moved on to playing guitar. This is when he started writing his own music though he rarely played live.

   College came around and he finally worked up the nerve to play.  After playing a some open mics, and small shows he saw the response was very positive.  So Nick had decided to cut a 1 song demo. Granted it wasn't the best quality, it did attract attention from some small labels. So it was decided that a full EP needed to be recorded, and 6 months later it is finally ready to come out.

   Simplicity is a collection of songs specifically picked for their pop edge. Nick Zepp went in with 20 songs available for recording and only seven were picked.  The result of these sessions are a truly remarkable sound.